About Rachelle

Hello. I’m Rachelle Mee-Chapman, a spiritual director specializing in “care for creative souls.”

After spending tens of thousands of dollars getting a master’s degree in Theology. After fighting to get ordained as a woman. After 30+ years in the church, and 15 years serving at one particular, belov-ed church. After all of this, I said goodbye to ordained ministry.

The practices of my youth stopped working for me. My beliefs had sprung links. The religion I once wore as my most prized possession started to pinch around the middle. It was sad, and I felt lost.

Magpie Girl helped me find my way. While I was living in Copenhagen, eight black magpies nested on the rooftops outside my studio window. The cawed and they cried. They were bright eyed. They were not silent. “Eight for a wish…” says the old nursery rhyme, eight for a wish. And I was wishing. For a new way. For a new home. For a new tribe.

The original tag line of Magpie Girl was “distracted by sparkly things.” That is what I did here at first. I played with arts and crafts. I followed every rabbit trail of thought or practice that caught my eye. I experimented. And in the midst of all of those sparkly things, I found my way.

Now, I gather.

  • I gather the Formerly Churched — who grew up in traditions that no longer serve them well.
  • I gather the Fringe Dwellers  – who live on the edges of church or temple, staying for the tribe, but struggling with the creed.
  • I gather the Spiritual But Not Religious — the soulful seekers who see The Divine dancing in a thousand places.
  • I gather the Hybrids – those who let Mary and Isis live on the same household shrine, those who find themselves humming ‘How Great Thou Art’ while in Exalted Warrior, who make prayer bowls sing and light candles in cathedrals.

That’s what I do here at Magpie Girl. I gather the people who are creating a new way, and I give them a place to call home.

Listen friends, what I want to tell you is this:

  • I believe you can write your own creed.
  • I believe that art + spirituality are good bedfellows.
  • I believe the institution doesn’t get to call the shots.
  • I believe you deserve a spirituality that fits. One that is authentic to who you are today, rooted in the best parts of your heritage, and creative enough to grow with you.
  • I believe you don’t have to bite your tongue, my bright-eyed magpie, because you have a voice. (And the world needs you to sing from the rooftops.)

Magpie Girl brought me my wish. I hope it will bring you yours.

Much Warmth,

Rachelle Mee-Chapman
*your magpie girl


Other Magpie Tidbits:

  • I have a B.A. in Philosophy from Seattle Pacific University; and an M.C.S.  in Spiritual and Applied Theology from Regent College in Vancouver B.C. My master’s thesis was: Art-Based Religious Rituals for Contemporary Churches.
  • I was once ordained by the Association of Vineyard churches (a charismatic evangelical organization.) I’m now ordained through Universal Life Church so I can officiate weddings legally in Washington State. When I remember to pay my dues, I’m a member of Spiritual Directors International.
  • I’m the proud mama of two smart, creative girls and the wife of a very patient husband. We live in Seattle, sometimes with roommates, and we co-parent a brilliant young man who is now a full-fledged grown-up. Also, we have two very silly dogs.
  • My beloved colleagues include a small collection of life coaches and ministers, seminary professors and theologians, therapists and artists — all of whom support my work in spite of our difference — and quite possible because of them.
  • Want to know my policy about the things I recommend? You can Click here to read my disclosure statement. (I tried to make it clever.)
  • I donate a percentage of my annual profits to my favorite creative, thoughtful charity. Click here to find out who I adore.
  • You can reach me at moi@magpie-girl.com. I’m happy to help.