Disclosure Statement

I am not one of those bloggers who makes a lot of dough or gets a lot of freebies. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) But there’s a rule that says we have to tell y’all these things, so you know how I might be influenced by the mighty dollar. (Or in my case, by the not-so-mighty dime.) So, here it goes:

-Somehow publicity people find me and occasionally I get a free book to review. If I like it, and if I think you would like it, I review it. When it’s a freebie, I tell you at the bottom of the review. If I don’t like, I email the publicity gal and let her know it’s not a good fit for my readers. I say no to more books than I say yes to.

-I belong to a couple of affiliate programs for products I truly adore. This means that if I recommend something to you, and you buy it by clicking on the link at Magpie Girl, I get some money for giving the referral.  This list varies, but what you need to know is I never EVER recommend a product I don’t believe in.  (Not even if a friend produces it. If it’s not a good fit for my readers, I don’t promote it.) All of the ads in my sidebar are products and services for which I am an affiliate.

-I like books and music, so I use Amazon. A lot. Therefore, I belong to the Amazon Affiliates program. If you buy something from them by clicking on a link from my site, I thank you. I get a tiny referral fee from them and after like, 6 months, it’s enough for me to buy a book or too.

In short, there are a few ways I earn a tiny bit of money on this blog. If you’ve clicked on something that’s brought me a buck or two, I thank you. Think of it as buying me a cuppa to say “Thanks for all that lovely blogging, my lady.”  (I do love a nice cuppa.)

Well there you go. Now I am nice and legal and we all still love each other.

Much Warmth,