The Do Less Revolution



Hello loves! Listen, I’m worried about you.

I read your Twitters and Facebook status updates, and occasionally peek at your blogs. And you know what? Y’all are way WAY too busy! I see a lot of posts about too many meetings, insurmountable to-do lists, and rushing about on weekends. I’m beginning to suspect that some of you have caffeine running in your veins.

Now you know I love you right? So this is not a critique. I mean, we are all just trying to work it out with the smallest amount of fear and trembling possible. You’re doing your best. But if you feel like your adrenaline is constantly pumping because you can never get enough done then maybe, just maybe it’s time for an little Magpie Girl  intervention.

So let me say this about that, there is no way you can shuffle your current schedule around to make things fit. You cannot fit two gallons of water in a pint glass. You’re just going to have to Do Less. I know it feels like you can’tdo less. I know it feels like you HAVE to to everything on your list and more. But I can virtually promise you that this is not the case. I think we can help each other through this.

Tune in on May 15th for the plan of action. Some of it will involve this book, which you can order or dowload on If the thought of having ANOTHER unread book on your bedside table causes your chest to sieze up, don’t worry, if you don’t have to read/listen to it — you can still play along. There will be lists (I LOVE lists) and then smaller lists and then you will emerge this concentrated powerhouse of focus with a Zen like ablity to float. Okay–maybe not that great, but you’ll feel better.

Are you practically salivating right now? Are you simultaneously wildly hopeful and scared shitless? I thought so. Then this Do Less thing is for you.

Grab a button and join the Do Less tribe with the Mr. Linky below. Then tune in most Fridays for a step-by-step approach to doing less and feeling better.  You can find all the DO LESS posts here.

Lots of Love,

Mapgie Girl

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