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Hello Magpies!

Years ago, when we were both deep in transition, Jen Lemen and I ran away together for a weekend writing retreat. Neither of us even knew what we were going to write about, but we both knew we needed some space to find our way. We rented a little cottage by the sea, and started our creative wandering, me at my work table, and Jen in her boots.

After one afternoon stroll, Jen came back and said, “Will you come take pictures of me? I’m going to throw myself into the sea as a symbol of my new commitment to all things artful.” Now, Jen is from Florida and didn’t exactly grasp the temperature difference between her sunny shores and the freezing-cold waters of the Oregon coast. So the throwing-herself-into-the-sea part didn’t actually happen. But the pledge. We both made the pledge.

  • To authenticity.
  • To creativity.
  • And above all things, to love.

That’s what this is, my darlings. An opporutnity to pledge yourselve to  the wild, creative passion in your heart. Will you join me?

Make the Pledge in 4 Fun Steps!

1. Print your pass: MagpieGirl Backstage Pass

2. Choose your circus persona:

Magpie Girl Strongman Cast MemberThe Strong Man:Well-trained and confident, the Strong Man is unafraid of his personal strengths. Steadily, he hones his skills, besting his less focused competitors. The strong man offers consisent stability (with a side of pride) to those who travel with him. Likes: red meat, sweat, admirers. Dislikes: people who don’t commit, California cuisine, narrow slacks.

Magpie Girl Fortune Teller Cast MemberThe Fortune Teller: Curious, but tolerant of mystery, the Fortune teller has a way of knowing more. A reader of energy, thoughts, and emotions, The Fortune Teller offers oft-unseen sights to those who travel beside her. Likes: candles, metaphors, fringed scarves, things that look ancient, roots. Dislikes:things “everybody knows…”, certainty, solid explanations.

Magpie Girl Tattoo'd Lady Cast MemberThe Tattoo’d Lady: Deeply in love with beauty, the tattoo’d lady must carry art against her skin. Unafraid of commitment, discomfort, or the opinions of others, she takes what she loves into her pores and then offers it back as a gift to the world. Likes: whiskey, unusual pets, the meaning of symbols. Dislikes: Haters, snap judgements, tepid baths, lukewarm anything.

Magpie Girl Trapeze Artist Cast MemberThe Trapeze Artist: Supple and light-hearted, this high-flying character surprises people with her strength. In love with the moment in between the start and the finish, the trapeze artist excels at taking leaps and living in transition. Likes: food that comes to the table on fire, whistling, practicing. Dislikes: people who don’t show up, spur-of-the-moment, butterfingers.

Magpie Girl Contortionist Cast MemberThe Contortionist: Flexible and clever, the contortionist is excellent at adapting to difficult situations. Good a pinch, she conforms to survive, while holding on to her own inate talent. Likes: fresh foods, wriggling her toes in the sand, breathing deeply. Dislikes: policies, big meals, being told “it can’t be done”

Magpie Girl Clown Cast MemberThe Clown: Clever and crafty, the clown is the slightly-crazy uncle at the heart of the circus family. Dedicated to his craft, he enjoys working with a team to create new things for others to enjoy. Likes: desserts involving whipping cream, spur of the moment decisions, being the center of attention. Dislikes: negative attitudes, repetitions, mini vans.

3. Add your persona to your pass and take a picture of yourself wearing it/holding it.

3. Answer this question in 50 words or less:

What are you so passionate about you are willing to pledge yourself to it, body and soul?

4. Send the pic, your answer, and your link to and we’ll feature your stunning goodness at Magpie Girl as part of our circus cast series. (Pinkerton and I are suckers for spangles.)

May your world be full of tatters and wonder today.

Much Warmth,

*your magpie girl


Love these graphics? They’re by Neil Sittler of Stickflower Design. Read why I like working with him here.



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