Do you need someone to talk to?

It’s not so heavy you need a therapist or anything. And you really don’t want to book an appointment with your priest. You have some nice gal-pals, but everyone is so busy, it’s hard to even book a coffee date!

Who can you turn to on a regular basis so you can vent a little, celebrate a little, and maybe get a timely bit of advice?

(Psst. How about me?)

Introducing Correspondence Coaching from Magpie Girl — an email-based support system for the growing edges of your life.

Like passing a note in class to your best friend –Correspondence Coaching gives your inner thoughts a safe place to land. Sealed up in confidentiality, your stories are warmly received, carefully heard, and thoughtfully responded to as we exchange “letters” each week via email.

With this handy service, you get the listening skills, noticing superpowers, and occasional advice of an experienced soulcoach, without the $100+ an hour price. Correspondence Coaching makes sure you have someone to talk to any time you’re having “one of those days” – and gives you someone to share-the-joy with during those pom-pom waving moments! (It’s nice to know someone’s in your corner.)

Listen friends, what I want to tell you is this:

When someone is there to tell you true things in the midst of the muddle,
When someone is there to help you shovel out the ick,
When someone is there to shine light on your good bits,
When you have access to consistent, kindly care…

Then your mind settles, your heart loosens up, and your confidence gets fully charged.

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Correspondence coaching is right for you:


  • When you just want someone to understand your story.
  • When you need some good advice.
  • When you feel stuck or stalled.
  • When you can’t decide which direction to head next.
  • When you want help making a decision (but you still want it to be your decision).
  • When you need a little perspective to help sort things out.

Correspondence Coaching is a way to get consistent support, every single week. Just write an email when the thought crosses your mind. Then let it rest, knowing that help is on the way on your next coaching day.

With regular correspondence you will:

  • Start feeling like someone “gets” you and the life you are building.
  • Stop feeling like you aren’t getting “enough” done. (Because someone is pointing out your acheivements–and celebrating them with you!)
  • Watch your monkey mind of “what ifs” and “maybe I shoulds” quiet down as decisions become clearer.
  • Have someone around when you need a sounding board, a word of encouragement, or when you just want a hand to hold.

Why Coaching by Correspondence?


I started offering Correspondence Coaching because I know what it is like to need ongoing support (and how hard it is to remember to call and make the damn appointment!) Plus, individual coaching, while valuable, can be prohibitively expensive on an hourly basis. And there are times when you don’t need the intensity of a weekly coaching session, but you do need to touch-base with someone who knows you on a whenever-you-can-fit-it-in basis. One of my favorite sayings is, “You only preach the sermons you need to hear.” And in this case, I only offer the services I need to have!

Why Me?


I’m a spiritual director and life coach with more than a decade of experience helping people make sense of their ever-changing lives. I’m bad at scheduling appointments, but I love to write, so I’ve shifted the bulk of my coaching practice to a correspondence model. (Who doesn’t like getting something personal in their inbox?) I believe a listening ear is powerful, and that everyone needs a hand to hold–because from first jobs and big break-ups, to motherhood, midlife, and beyond–we never stop growing. It’s a lot of ups and downs, and I want to celebrate that wonderful rollercoaster-life with you.

How Does it Work?


  • You connect with me through email, as often as you’d like. Any time. Any day. Any length.
  • Once a week, on your coaching day, I write you a personalized soulcare email full of advice, observations, and follow up ideas.
  • Something urgent comes up? Pick up the phone for an”Urgency Call.” As part of the correspondence package you get one 20 minute “urgency call” a month– just in case you need to hear a kindly voice.

You get to write to me as often as you want — whenever a new idea explodes in your brain, or you notice a pattern that you want to fix, or when you finally have two minutes in a row to type without sticky toddler fingers on your keyboard.

I read your notes as they come in, let them stew awhile, and then set aside a special day of the week just for y.o.u.

On your coaching day, I sit down and write you a juicy email, pointing out themes, asking good questions, and acting as a sounding board for your complex, beautiful life.

And because sometimes you need to hear a friendly voice, each month you also get an “Urgency Phone Call” — a 20 minute mini-session you can use when you’re having one of those days, or when you want to talk out something we’ve been corresponding about. Just call me, and I’ll chat right then, or set up a time later that day to call you back.

  • What if I have a lot to say one week, and nothing the next? No worries. That’s why it’s a flat fee — so you can be verbose when stuff is stirred up, quiet when things are smooth — and either way you won’t feel like you are “wasting” your coaching dime.
  • What if I don’t know what to write about? I’ll send you an introductory letter with some ideas about how to get started. And if you ever feel at a loss for words, I can send you coaching prompts and journaling questions that will help you discover something new.
  • What if I only want to correspond for a month here and there? Correspondence Coaching is a monthly subscription, but you can always start and stop your subscription at the end of your month. It’s fine to press pause and take a break, then jump back in if things heat up. Just note what day you started a 30 day cycle, and cancel before the next cycle begins.

Why go it alone, when you could have a hand to hold? Sign up now and you’ll get your introductory coaching note. Then, in just a week’s time, personal support from a coach who cares for your creative soul will be landing right in your inbox! I’m ready, are you?

Correspondence Coaching with Rachelle: $249/month


(For less than the cost of just two coaching calls, you get coaching support every single week! I can only correspond with 8 folks at a time, so please call dibs on yours by clicking the subscribe button now! )