Soultribe: noun, a generous soulcare community.

Over the years I have been honored to hold space for people while they pour out their story about how badly their church fits them, or how worn down they are from trying to find their spiritual “place.” Most of the time these folks resign themselves to one of two things: leaving, or staying somewhere that is a bad fit – somewhere that pinches their toes, leaves blisters on their heels, and keeps them from reaching the mountain top because, damn it, their feet hurt too bad to climb on up there!

Soulsiblings, this simply will not do. 2009 is the year of the Soultribe! No more wandering about on our own, or cramming ourselves into institution and ideologies that no longer fit. This, my friends, is not for us.

It’s time to move on – or perhaps more precisely it’s time to move in: to move in to the territory that is truly our own, to put some holes in the wall and hang up our paintings, to stick pictures on the fridge. It’s time to make our souls at home.

All this year I’ll be writing a series of posts on How to Build Your Soultribe. Soultribe experts and experimenters alike will chime in on the comments, and together, we’ll figure this thing out.

You can join any time, and moving at your own pace is highly recommended. Make a commitment to your Soultribe dream by adding the button below to your site. It will be your proverbial stake in the ground–claiming space for the living room of your heart.

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