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My Noticing Story

When was the last time you noticed your life? Not the tasks and the to-do lists and the stack of dishes in the sink. Well, those too actually. But beyond that. When did you last notice how you feel after a meal? How your lover sounds asleep besides you? What your children do when they think you are not looking? How your lungs feel when you first step outdoors?
Life moves fast. Everyone says so. So fast that we spend it before we notice that it’s gone. Like stray bills in our pocket as we walk past a coffee shop. Like a bowl of m-n-m’s that sit beside you while you watch a movie. You look up, and they’re gone.
This is not life for you. This is not the life for us.
What if you could really see your life, the hurt and the joy of it. The hot and the cold of it. All it’s real bits in all their real glory.What if you could notice that you needed rest before you collapsed?
What if you could make right-fit decisions now, instead of later – after you’d suffered through the wrong-fit ones?
What if you could easily identify both your deep hunger and the world’s great need and see where they meet with an easy grace?
What if your days were not just a blur, but a symphony?
Join me in a season of noticing.

What you’ll receive:

  • simple daily prompts that can be done in just 10 minutes.
  • weekly lessons to quiet your gremlins, decrease resistance, and uncover solutions.
  • an online space to share your experiences with a supportive tribe.

How you’ll benefit:

  • enjoy less resistance around the daily tasks of your life.
  • start loving your home and surroundings more.
  • stop feeling like your kids are “growing up too fast.”
  • watch undiscovered opportunities unfold in front of you.
  • experience more gratitude, naturally.
  • let your days be ripe with meaning and satisfaction.
  • start seeing opporunties to share abundance without burn out or resentment.