Worldcare with Magpie Girl

I believe the purpose of good selfcare and soulcare is, in part, so we can be healthy enough to serve the world. I’m very interested in the places where soulcare and worldcare meet. Because of this, I donate a portion of my proceeds each year to one beautiful overseas project that I adore.

The Apparent Project – Because Beauty has a way of changing things.

The Apparent Project was founded by my friends Shelley and Corrigan Clay. After doing short-term mission work in Haiti, Shelley and Corrigan decided to add two adopted Haitian children to their already-family of four. During the adoption process, they became disheartened by the way orphanages were functioning in Haiti. Many “orphans” actually had living parents, who tearfully left the children at the door when they could no longer provide for them.

Hungry for a better way, Shelley and Corrigan put down roots and Haiti and began working with local parents to create an un-orphanage. The Apparent Project has been helping families remain in-tact by setting up cottage-industries, and training Haitians in sustainable art-based business. Grassroots and on a shoestring budget, The Clays and their amazing U.S. and Haitian partners were like the little engine that could. They started by learning the culture and the needs, and then one by one, used their strengths as artists to create change in Haiti.

After the Haitian earthquake Shelley and Corrigan became valuable resources “on the ground” and helped churches and other agencies distribute aid in respectful, sustainable ways to Haitian nationals. After a year of rebuilding, Shelley got all teary-eyed as she reported to us here at home that the Haitian trainees are now the teachers, and the artisans in the Apparent Project workshop started training their neighbors on their own.

Garnering the attention of Donna Karan and former President Bill Clinton, along with The Gap and Disney, this groundbreaking project has the opportunity to encourage a whole new wave of culturally-sensitive, creative, empowering development work throughout the world. Dedicated to preserving “free trade” as a meaningful, and ethical retail distinction, Shelley and Corriagan are fierce warriors for justice and transparency. I have not doubt they will continue to be influencers in the world of ethical, honorable global exchange.

Click here to learn more, purchase from the AP artisans, or donate. And thank you for your support!

Much Warmth,


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